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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is a Manufactured Home? 
Answer: A Manufactured Home is a residential home built to the HUD Code which is a preemptive building code which supersedes all other building codes.

Question: Can a Manufactured Home be placed anywhere that a site built home can be built? 
Answer: Yes! Since 1982, it has been mandated by state law that all cities and counties have to allow Manufactured Homes in any lot zoned for residential use.

Question: Are building permits more expensive and harder to get on a Manufactured Home? 
Answer: No! Since the Manufactured Home has already been inspected and approved through all stages of construction by HUD Inspectors the permit process is much quicker and less expensive than on a site built home.

Question: Are Manufactured Homes as safe as a site built home in fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters? 
Answer: This is one of the great myths of the site built industry. Today's Manufactured Homes are built to much stricter guidelines for safety and the United States Fire Marshall has determined that today's Manufactured Home with it's drywall construction and fire retardant materials used throughout, hardwired smoke alarms and safety egress windows is safer than most site built homes. Additionally since 2008 all manufactured homes are built compliant with special fire retardant features for areas that are in the Wildfire Urban Interface (WUI) Zones. Manufactured Homes are designed to withstand much greater lateral forces than site built homes and all of our foundations are built to seismic zone 2 specifications. In addition, it is a state law that all new Manufactured Homes not on a permanent foundation must be equipped with a state approved tie down system.

Question: What is the life expectancy of a Manufactured Home? 
Answer: Department of HUD recently issued a report that stated that the life expectancy of a Manufactured Home is approximately 58 years. However, with proper maintenance a Manufactured Home will last indefinitely.

Question: How much money can I save by buying a Manufactured Home? 
Answer: Manufactured Homes will save you 20% to 50% over a comparable site built home.

Question: How could there be this much savings if today's Manufactured Homes are built with the same or better materials than a site built home? 
Answer: Try having your next car built in your drive way and see how it compares in quality and price to a factory built new car. This is where Manufactured Homes have a tremendous advantage over site built homes.

Question: Will my new manufactured home appreciate in value? 
Answer: Manufactured homes appreciate at an even greater rate than most site built homes. This is due to the fact that the Manufactured Home is 20% to 50% less expensive to start with yet will resale for about the same price as a comparable site built house in the same area.

Question: Do I pay sales tax when I buy a new Manufactured Home?
Answer: No. Sales tax only applies to accessory structures when the Manufactured Home is not placed on a permanent foundation.

Question: Do I pay property tax on my new Manufactured Home? 
Answer: Yes. The amount of property tax you pay is directly related to the amount you pay for your new Manufactured Home, currently approximately 1% of the purchase price less your homeowner’s exemption. Your property tax is also tax deductible.

Question: Will my mortgage interest also be tax deductible? 
Answer: Yes.

Question: What kind of financing is available for Manufactured Homes? 
Answer: All the same types of financing that is available for site built construction are available for Manufactured Homes. This includes FHA, VA, FmFA, Conventional, Jumbo loans and many more.

Question: How do I get started? 
Answer: Simply contact any one of our Manufactured Home Specialists and we will promptly send you a free information packet with all the details you need. We look forward to hearing from you!